February 14, 2008

as drunk as drunk should be?

my answer to maria's comment ran away from me and became it's own post:

maybe I should cut loose a bit. sadly, I'm not so sure I could hold my liquor anymore these days, and also another kilo of chocolate en route to my waists is not exactly what I need right now (note: sitting at the computer all day and stuffing your face all day --> doesn't make you thinner, nope, sorry.)

but I do appreciate the input, thanks ;)

nah, I just overdid it a bit yesterday. was sick to my stomach when I finally got to bed. not gonna do this anymore I decided. If I don't get it done by the first deadline in April - so be it. then I'm just gonna take another semester. not that that would make me incredibly happy, but whatever. but I at least have to get done most of this shit til April when I will properly have to go to work again.

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