February 04, 2008

happiness .... bang bang shoot shoot

gosh... if I had the time now I'd be writing a raving review of across the universe but since finn has already "stolen" my moment by invading that ground of mine on her blog (well, sometimes I'm doing music stuff too, so be it) and since I should be doing thesis work anyways I'll have to contend myself with this:

this movie is fucking amazing
it's happiness and war
and it's riveting and psychedelic
and just about the most touching (not in a make-me-cry way!), colorful yet un-campy movie
I must have seen - well, ever.

art the way I like it

and it's political but not in-your-face and I love the soundtrack (I love the beatles and I'm now ultimately changing my policy of not accepting cover versions of beatles songs)!
did I mention that evan rachel wood is a frickin amazing actress, and gee, that girl can sing!
also I now have the hots for jim sturgess who doesn't only look fabulous, but can also act and sing and has one of those accents that just make me swoooooon... sigh...

/gushing for now

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