February 05, 2008

ow - fuck - ow (quoting neil gaiman here)

the thesis is beginning to take a toll on us.
it's ok that I'm a little out there already due to lack of sleep and physical exercise any kind of movement at all. but it's not ok that finn is so exhausted. She's done with most of her exams and should be recuperating now, doing stuff little by little for her last paper but having lots of free time, time for herself (time for us). Instead she has to do all these stupid household chores and look after me and the bunnies and go shopping and all that shit (and she hates shopping so I hate to have to make her go). and she has a backache. I honestly can't let things be like this for two months.


Laura said...

Probably you don't want a solution but solidarity. Yet anyway:
Finn is hellova good partner-girl so she probably wants doing stuff she does not want to do :o) Keep on working your thesis, finish the damn thing.... and maybe you do the shopping, you need some fresh air from time to time anyway Buy some Pizza and frozen food, just accept that for 2 months you have to eat gharstly stuff. Get a cleaning-women. Stuff like that.

Laura said...

PS: By the way our cleaning women needs more flats to clean (8e/h). If you want to I can give her your phone number.