February 23, 2008

how I met the first cat I liked

thanks to shazza for reminding me that I didn't say how the interview went. It went well, I think. At least I'm pretty sure I didn't forget to ask any of my questions and the answers were indeed revealing. I just scheduled another two interviews and hope to get another one for the following week. after that finn will transcribe them for me (isn't she the best?) and then I can finish that part of the thesis. then all that is left is the systems theory part and the agenda-setting part. and off course rereading it one hundred times and changing half of it in the process ;)

while I was waiting for the interview to actually take place, I arrived 15 minutes early, I sat down in the "garden" of that residential area and made an interesting acquaintance.
I saw the most adorable tom cat I've ever met. and I don't usually like cats. in fact, I don't at all know what to do with them. but this one just came up to me, circled me a couple of times to make me pet him and then jumped onto my lap and basically tried to crawl up my coat to cuddle with me.

he was soooo cute, and with a beautiful coat. then someone who apparently lived in that area walked past and told me that the cat doesn't get much attention, he's let out in the morning and goes back home in the evening. but he had a tag and all and with such beautiful fur I almost couldn't believe he wasn't being looked after properly. needless to say I still toyed with the thought of stealing him for a minute ;) but I had to think of the bunnies of course!
I had a hard time leaving with him sitting there like that though...

more pics on flickr.

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