February 18, 2008

I really shouldn't

but I'll make it a quick meme even if it's just about the most stupid one I've ever read (seriously, who phrased these "questions"?:

Where is your cell phone? on the couch table.

Vehicle? underground, tram and in the warmer months my bike.

Hair? Mine is it's own entity. It also has an opinion and acts accordingly, making me look like a dork.

Father? I resolved my problems with him. He went and got himself new ones with himself.

Your favorite thing? my new headphones, a window pane, and does my kitchen count?

Dream last night? weird, that's all I can remember. didn't sleep too well.

Favorite drink? drink as in alcoholic drink? g&t

Room you are in? living room

Your ex? uhm... I have no clue where and how one of them is, one is probably fine but I haven't seen them in ages, one I don't want to know about because - duh, what was a thinking?, and one got married last summer (and people who know my exes can now have fun finding out which is which :)

You are? alternately exhausted, energized, horribly tired and completely out of it

What do you want to be in ten years? done with my thesis. and of course that other sappy stuff that finn said about being happy and in love. but right now all I need to be done with in ten year's time is this thesis. other than that: on holiday.

Who did you hang out with today? geeeeez, meself? and the bunnies. and my thesis. and in my currently un-social life you could probably count the other people at the supermarket too.

What you're not? uncomplicated, intrinsically jealous, straight or gay; well-rested. thin.

Muffins? all chocolate, all the time with both chips and dough.

One of your wish list items? buffy boxed set, a new digital camera, editing equipment

Where is the ____? WTF?

The last thing you did? thesis - shopping - thesis - blog

What are you wearing? don't ask, I'm the slob on the couch.

Your pet(s)? Fat Sam and Lorelei Gilmore

Your computer? 1 laptop, 1 desktop, 1 desktop at work

Your life? is probably out partying hard, just ... somewhere I'm not at the moment.

Your mood? meh.

Missing? my life.

What are you thinking about right now? this stupid meme.

Your shoes? none (see Slob of the Couch).

Your work? currently going on without me. I'm a freelance journalist.

Your summer? THE summer? that was 2003. oh yes, it was :)

Your favorite colour? teal.

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