February 18, 2008

I'm against the weather too these days

sometimes I miss my quote of the day feature that I god rid off when cleaning up the blog.
so here's my quote of the yesterday:

Joan: So, my true nature is to be a catalyst? That is mad anti-climatic.
God: Anti climactic. Anti-climatic means you're against the weather.


finn said...

actually, it was so fricking cold this morning that I am anti-climactic!!

mcCutcheon said...

honey, it's actually anti-climaCtic making that same typo twice. or cute :)

finn said...

o f***. I can't even correct my typos anymore, even if I try...thanks for noticing :)
Of course I wanted to write that I'm against the fucking weather that is too fucking cold today. Now, I guess, I made myself clear, didn't I?

I'll try to re-read my corrected comments next time:)