March 31, 2008

all-(day and)-nighter

my ass-hat of an "advisor" didn't accept my thesis. he said I should take another 1 or 2 weeks to implement his "corrections". they weren't even proper corrections, more like an email of musings. both finn and I got the feeling he didn't even read it.

doesn't the fucker get that I don't actually have "1 to 2 weeks"? At the point when I read his email I have 3 days left. Does he really think I'm gonna miss the deadline by "1 to 2 weeks"??? seriously? Now that he witnessed that I could write that damn thing in 1,5 months total does he really think I'm actually gonna take two weeks to correct it?

By the way: I read the email at like 1 p.m. Since then finn (who has a lot more experience with science writing and is helping me with the corrections) and I have been at it almost non-stop. It's half past four now. A.M. That's more than 14 hours straight. I've finally convinced finn to get some sleep because she has to work tomorrow. Meanwhile I'll try to get on with this. I haven't pulled an all-nighter in ages. Actually I'm not sure I ever have for non-fun reasons. Thank god for proper English tea and milk - totally getting me through this...

c ya later

oh and btw: my thesis wasn't as bad as mr. haven't-read-it-properly thinks. grrrr...

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