March 18, 2008

... and counting

68 written content pages.
another 40 of appendix.
3 more books to skim.
11 articles to read skim.
1 chapter to write.
1 dentist appointment.
6 days left.


Zoe said...

Ug, that sucks. But it will be finished before you know it and then you won't know what to do with yourself.

I vividly remember BP finishing up her thesis. It was such a relief when it was all done.

mcCutcheon said...

yeah, I'm pretty sure Finn will be even happier than me when I've handed it in ;) I'm pretty unbearable right now.

Maybe I'll regret saying this, but compared to the thesis the final exam in may seem like an easy feat to me.

LG said...

You're so close ... hang in there! (You too, Finn! She'll be back to normal soon!)

A Formerly Abnormal Graduate Student

Maria said...

God, this takes me back to med school when I swear that I was so sleep deprived that I am amazed that they allowed me to be around people....