March 10, 2008

The Dark Knight

Dark and dense - that's right up my alley, when it comes to comic book movies, which is why I'm very much looking forward to the Batman sequel (is a sequel to a prequel still a sequel?) coming out in July. Christopher Nolan is a apparently a genius. The NYT has a nice piece about the movie.


LG said...

I've loved Christopher Nolan ever since he did "Memento." Did you see that movie? Genius.

mcCutcheon said...

I watched that movie in a poor-quality version, where audio and video were completely out of sync and I didn't quite catch the twist of it - and I STILL thought it was genius.

did you see batman begins? hands down the best. batman. ever.
I wasn't even a fan of the comics and originally went to see it with my best gay boy so we could both drool over Christian Bale. We were pleasantly surprised that this was so much more than eye-candy.

btw: the fact that our boyfriend George starred in "that one batman movie that was truly awfully bad" still pains me :/