March 15, 2008

from bottom to top

I'm not usually one for the polls, but since Liz Feldman mentioned it on the afterellen-vlog We're getting nowhere I am interested in your opinions. Feldman was referring to Jenny and Niki having sex on the L word as "that's what happens when two bottoms have sex".

And now I want to know from you (in the comments): what does happen when two bottoms have sex? what happens with two tops?

edit: this doesn't only apply to the gay. post away whether you're straight/gay/bi/omni/...

for more on tops and bottoms check fellow blogger reasonably prudent poet's sexblog.


reasonably prudent poet said...

hey, thanks for the link! i'm waiting for my popularity to skyrocket and every link helps. :-)

i wish i'd seen that L Word episode because i have no idea what that comment is supposed to mean in that context.

i'm not sure what happens when two bottoms or two tops have sex, mostly b/c i'm a switch, but i do know what it's like for me when i'm in a bottom mood and i try to have sex with a bottom. it's boring and we're both sort of playing along half-assed waiting for the other to wake up and take charge. when i'm in a top mood trying to have sex with a top, there's a lot of jockeying for control, which can be fun when it leads to wrestling and what-not, but can also be frustrating when all you want is to top somebody.

so there's my two-cents worth. thanks for bringing it up.

Shazza said...

Hmmmm, I don't think I know enough on the subject to give an opinion...pehraps I need to do some research! ;)

mcCutcheon said...

@ poet: thanks for commenting.

@shazza: damned be you if you don't come back here after your research and share ;)