March 31, 2008

gaga gaga ga ga :D

I've been up for probably 24 hours now. all changes are done since half past 7 a.m., I called my advisor at quarter past 8 and left a message on his machine asking him to call me back soon, explaining that I'd very much like to get some sleep afterwards. the idiot still hasn't managed to react to either my phone call or my email. He feel he just doesn't WANT to accept that this is all actually doable in 1.5 months. fucker....

by now I have stopped shivering and my headache is dull enough to be ignored. sure, my eyes are kinda sore, but at least now I can think about eating again without my stomach turning. finn went back to sleep at 8 and is still out cold. bless her, she deserves some sleep.

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