March 11, 2008

Lifecycling on The L Word

oh my, that episode... fucking great if not best ever!

Incredible comic timing by Kate Moennig and Clementine Ford, I truly enjoy these two together.
A lot of Rose Rollin's highly infectious laugh.
Max and Tom walking together hand in hand - still so very adorable.
Our heroines were for once wearing normal clothes that normal people could wear (Thank you!).

All in all it was a fast-paced episode with a lot of drama and a lot of comedy while still taking its time with the individual scenes and storylines. I can't believe there are only two episodes left. When is Showtime finally going to renew it? They never took this long with The L Word before AND they have a habit of not leaving series on for more than five seasons. This bothers me...

I loved how the whole thing was shot indie movie-style. If you'll excuse me, I'm busy worshiping the ground Angela Robinson walks on ...

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Zoe said...

It got renewed for it's final season, which will only be 8 episodes long.

And that Jenny scene was probably the hottest thing they've had on that show. And I don't even like fucking Jenny.