March 24, 2008


Dearest most faithful reader,

your are henceforth almost free of my whining about one certain piece of writing for It. Is. Done.

Yours truly,

I handed in my thesis today. 116 pages. That is "pre"-handed it in. Now I have to wait if my thesis advisor accepts it. If he does there'll probably be some cleaning up and fine tuning to do and then I can officially hand it in on April 4th. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

btw. I totally don't know what to do with myself now that I have a chance of having my normal life back. So I let the foodie in me take over and made pasta. Fresh, hand-made pasta. That I'm gonna serve with curry-lemon-fish later. Oh how I missed my kitchen. My tiny, crooked little kitchen :)


LG said...

Free at last!

Cook. Catch up on movies. Play GH3. Take pictures and post them for us unfortunate Americans who haven't been to Europe yet.

I can think of lots of things for you to do, lol.

Good luck! Hope the thesis advisor accepts it!

Zoe said...

All of lg's suggestions are good ones, though I'd add sex and put it at the top of the list.

Shazza said...


Whooohoooo! Yahoooo!

:::doing little flips over here:::

Good job McC!

Laura said...

Will you have time for playground, C. and me in May? (Before I have to do too much universitarian work still.... starting a Dr. is not as uncomplicated as I thought. By the way I am not finished with the Mag, either.)
now you feel more free then ever before, don't you?