April 21, 2008

hobby swap

I recently have begun thinking about how partners influence each other. You know, those little things, interests, hobbies, books, series, movies, etc. that are so important to you that you want to share them with your partner, make them understand what is so great about them.

In those (almost) 3 years that finn and I have been together she has introduced me to Buffy, M*A*S*H and Neil Gaiman. I recently showed her Star Wars (and am planning to make her appreciate Star Trek TNG since she can't even tell the difference between Geordi and Data), got her into the Harry Potter series and took her role-playing (although I have only dabbled in it myself).

She (successfully) forced Tori Amos at me, but I'll probably never get her to listen to country music. Especially with music she's usually the one who finds new stuff and gets me to listen to it and sometimes like it quite a bit. On the other hand I haul in TV-series and movies to get her addicted to (har har har!). Both of course with the occasional exception.

What is it like in your relationship? What have you taken away from past relationships?


LG said...

I have recently been introduced to Tori as well as a few other artists, which is fun for a music aficionado for me. I've also done some of the introducing to new music and movies, too. I just love the act of sharing.

Erin said...

Hi there - I just stumbled on your blog and you definitely peaked my interest! I'm a master at making people appreciate Country music, or at least some of it. I find that taking an evaluation of what they are already listening to, then having them listen to Country music that is in the same vein is the best way to start. That way it kind of sneaks up on them!

P.S. not being able to tell the difference between Geordi and Data is a sin!