April 05, 2008

mcC needs a break

so I'm in Budapest again.
I can barely keep my eyes open, since I spent two nights of last week with zero sleep, putting the final touches to my thesis. so I'm all dizzy and half-asleep, but here I am for about 36 hours - going home tomorrow night to my little chosen family. I miss finn and the bunnies. I mean, I'm glad to see my grandma and spend some time with my mum when she's being halfway normal, but I'm in a state at the moment where all I want is to be home. on the couch, with finn, watching buffy or catching up on friday night lights, seeing the bunnies run around crazily, maybe play a round of lego star wars on the wii, cook, have food that makes me happy.
that is the weekend I envisioned as my first free weekend in ages and the last properly free weekend before I start working again and studying for my final exam. and here I am, being not quite as happy as I could be. But it means a lot to my grandma, me being here, and at least I got to see my cousin for about half an hour today.

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LG said...

Oh man, I get it. That sucks when you have what you really WANT to do and what you think you SHOULD do. Hopefully you can get home to your life soon.