April 06, 2008

On how we misjudge people

I'm on the train back towards vienna. Thought i'd have the compartment to myself but a young couple got in as well. You know how you see someone and assume they must be quite similar to yourself - based just on how they look? Well, i assumed. And i was wrong. I just spent 3 hours with the most stupid ppl ever. The guy talks like a pothead, had a beer on the train without asking if i'd maybe mind, BURPED a lot. She just seems a little less dumb than he. Less self-inflicted dumb. and yet i played along and was nice to them. Gah! Peace on trains!

Maybe i misjudged a second time but that guy annoys the fuck outta me. Now he's talking about poor ppl in india. I think. K. Trains here gotta go

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