June 06, 2008


A couple of weeks ago a Top Chef episode made me snicker in a really nice, warm and fuzzy way: It was the episode where they were cooking with children, and (one of my favourite top chef contestants) Antonia Lofaso was all tears because she missed her daughter. That prompted amazing chef Richard Blais (who's another of my favourites in this competition and the one destined to win, as far as I'm concerned) to utter in a confessional segmet that all that made him want to go home and make "a little blais". He must have started working on this project pretty much right away, because these day the following pictures are making the (internet) rounds. Maybe it's because I'm always touched if some men cry or maybe it's just because I simply liked Blais on Top Chef from the very beginning, but I find these pictures incredibly cute. (I happen to also find Blais not exactly unattractive.)

spoiler alert!

how fucked up is it that Antonia got booted? I just can't stand lezzie Lisa (one of three out lesbian top chef contestants this year), and I believe she's just not as good a Richard, Stephanie and Antiona. Reality teevee doesn't like me this week, first Rizzo (on that show that shall not be named because I shall die of shame for admitting I am watching it), then Kristina was in serious booting-off peril on Hell's Kitchen and not Antiona had to go home.

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LG said...

I love that you're watching Top Chef! The gf and I are watching it, too. I love that show.

Richard bugged me a little at first because he just seemed so smug - even though I think he's the best chef on there. But when he gave his win to Stephanie for making the cake during Wedding Wars, I was instantly a fan and have liked him ever since.

I don't like Lisa either, especially after that crap she pulled when she made it into the finals. "You guys could at least say congratulations." Maybe they don't like her, either. And I like Stephanie ... she's a good chef and super cool under pressure. I liked that she didn't give Dale the what for for leaving her pork out all night.

Okay, Top Chef ranting done. :)