July 21, 2008

full of surprises

I expected Forgetting Sarah Marshall to be an entertaining-in-a-dumb-kind-of-way movie for a sick day at home (my stomach is being weird), but it turned out to be so much more... funny and sweet and smart and even kinda deep in a way. Jason Segel wrote it, I'm beginning to like this guy. Oh and by the way the movie also co-stars Jack McBrayer (Page Kenneth from 30 Rock) and he's hilarious.

 The other surprising movie I saw this week was Mamma Mia! Surprising, because every single critique I caught said it was a bad movie, yet I can't agree with that. It's no Rendition or Batman Begins (No, I haven't seen The Dark Knight yet, will have to wait for August, because that one I really need to see on the big screen.), but Mamma Mia is campy and fun and it has an amazing cast. I haven't laughed this much in a long time.


Rebecca said...

(clicked over from Lolatini)

I officially have active hate for People magazine for their review of Mamma Mia. I don't care if it's not a "good" movie - anything that can make people feel that great is a complete success in my book. And I, too, loved Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Just delightful and COMPLETELY funny. This summer is turning out to be GREAT, movie-wise.

mcCutcheon said...

Hi Rebecca,

I clicked on your name, planning to head over to your blog - and then I realised you had no blog. So, in case you're reading this here: Welcome to Squishy Thoughts :)

I've been trying to get Finn to watch Fogetting Sarah Marshall, but she just doesn't trust me enough because she knows that occasionally I will watch anything, even if it's shit. So now I'm having a hard time convincing her that no, this one isn't guilty-pleasure-stuff, it's good stuff.

Ah well, her loss ;)

Rebecca said...

I had zero desire to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but some of my friends dragged me to it and I was very pleasantly surprised. Probably the second most enoyable movie I've seen this summer (after Mamma Mia, of course!). Or maybe tied with Iron Man. That was good too. I'm loving this rare summer orgy of movie greatness!

mcCutcheon said...

hm... iron man had really bad reviews too. I missed it at the movies, but maybe I'll dl it now.

Rebecca said...

Really? I think I only read good reviews of Iron Man:


And it was a great superhero movie. Lots of good vs. evil, cool gadgets, funny names, and Robert Downey Jr.!