July 22, 2008

I haven't exactly been blogging a lot lately and i think the cause of it is that i'm having some kind of a quarterlife crisis. It isn't a catastrophe, and it hasn't exactly snuck up on me. I've seen it coming for a while now but there just wasn't anything i could have done. Not yet.

The thing is, i feel like i'm in limbo. Life-wise. Like i've arrived at that point where my plan ends and i feel seriously lost without a map. Which is probably damn normal at my age. Still. To me it means i need a new plan and that is where things get difficult.

I've decided that the limbo feeling will end once i'm really done with my degree. For real this time. Ok, first it will probably get worse but THEN it will get better.
But what comes afterwards? I'm a good journalist and a lot of others would be so thankful to be able to do what people expect of me in my job. And don't get me wrong, i like my job a lot. I just can't imagine doing this forever, because there's this other thing tugging at me. I actually have a hard time saying it "out loud" here: i want to be a film editor. My heart jumps even at the thought of working as production assistant on a film set.
Call it a forgotten dream or one that has always been slumbering in me. Maybe it's in my genetic make-up because my parents are in a similar business. My point: i can't get rid of this feeling that i'm in the wrong business.

I'm going to have to continue these musings tomorrow, because i just arrived at our apartment. Home :)

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LG said...

My own two cents? Pursue your passion. Even if it's hard. Even if it doesn't work out. Even if it feels crazy. Otherwise, you'll never know, and that's the worst feeling of all. Do something that makes you happy. There's always time for the crap that makes you feel blah, lol.