July 03, 2008

wanted: widget

I know that Finn actually wants Wanted, the new Angelina Jolie flick that's not gonna be coming to any Austrian cinema, not just near us *thud*. But what I want right now is a nice "currently reading" or "now reading" widget. Anyone know any? I know I've seen some around on blogger, but I can't remember for the life of me where and google isn't very helpful with this.


Shazza said...

Shelfari has one!

L. said...

This is off-topic (as are many of my comments), but I'm not sure about your e-mail-adress (sms it to me, pls) and it takes me hours to finish an sms.
So, message is:
We're already out of town on 11/07. Maybe we could do the big five grown-ups, two kids thing in september? I'd really like to.

L. said...

Nooooo! This is so my way of coordinating things.....
A. just informed me that he has an appointment on 12/07, so we're still in town on 11/07.
Forget about the previous message - fix us something on 11/07, please :o) We have time.
I think Museumsquartier is fine.