August 25, 2008

"Let's take the train to anywhere..."

The second time around I am realising how much BS my thesis is. Seriously! But I don't think there will be time to go over it again. So it'll just have to remain weak to mediocre *shutting off inner perfectionist now*

I thought Missy Higgins' music would get me through working on these stupid citations. And it did fine. But then "Don't Ever" started. And now I feel like I just want to get out of this city into a nice country home and write and make music and be. The verse that did me in?

We'll get a house where the trees hang low and pretty little flowers
On our window sill will grow
We'll make friends with the milk man and the butcher Mr. Timms
Will give us discounts when he can


Maria said...

WEll, I want to leave and go plant pretty little flowers and make friends with milk men and butchers....

Rebecca said...

Meh, don't worry about it; I think pretty much all of academia is a lot of pretentious bullshit. Sometimes interesting, sometimes cool, sometimes informtive, but even so it's almost always pretentious and almost always bullshit.

mcCutcheon said...

thanks, rebecca, that does make me feel a bit better about my own pretentious bullshit ;)