August 12, 2008

The neanderthal in me.

I'm usually fine with sharing food - after all, I cook for people. I'm even ok with people at work asking me for part of my lunch, occasionally. There are some exceptions though.

1. You don't eat my last salami (Finn learned that the hard way), not if it's Hungarian.
2. Keep your hands off my burger - unless you have a proper exchange for a bite - of the tasting exchange kind.
3. Do not ever ask me for a cookie if that cookie is an Oreo - The aforementioned work colleague came into the room while I was munching on the second of my six Oreos and asks "Can I have a cookie from you". I didn't even have to say anything. She must've caught the look I gave her because she was out of the room fast, mumbling something. She's probably mad at me now, even though I tried to yell an explanatory "Not my Oreos. I don't share Oreos" after her. Well, bite me. These are my Oreos.

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Rebecca said...

That is completely understandable.