September 17, 2008

time flies, and soon I will too (to Sweden)

Things have been happening lately and I've been meaning to blog about them, yet somehow... time seems to be the one thing I couldn't make enough of. Other things just seemed bigger and more imprortant to do than bask my ego in a bit of blogging ;) However, now that the dust is settling, I'm ready for a little catching-up.

  • work has been a strain - to put it mildly, because one of my co-workers seems intent on showing me just how much of a prick he is. incidentally, by now everyone is suspecting his prick to be rather small, considering how much he has to show off his greatness. You know, people who do amazingly at their job and voice that are one thing. But people who think they're oh so great but arent't, that's a whole different topic. Well, said co-worker is one of the latter sort. He's been doing this job for 30 odd years and while he does an ok job writing articles he has ... erm... flexible working hours and very flexible ethics. He's a racist, homophobic, mysogynist pig - and no one does anything about it. Also, since I had to change rooms two weeks ago and am now sitting in the same room as said co-worker he has been yelling at me rather constantly for no good reason at all. just to show he is my boss - which he isn't, but try pointing that out to him. All this has made me want to walk out of here rather sooner than later.
  • Roughly at the same time I have received a job offer of sorts. or rather the offer to apply - the big cheese's son is looking for someone for the press department at the company he works at and mr big cheese thought of me and told me to apply. which is nice of him I guess. They've invited me to interview when I'm back from my holiday. The thing is, I'm not sure I want the job. Yes, I always wanted to work in a press department and it would for sure help with future applications to different press departments, but on the con-side we're talking about a pretty stuffy company that handles really really boring stuff (trust me, really boring). on the other hand the staff seems to be quite young and energetic. also I wasn't looking for a full-time position and 40 hours sounds like an awful lot of time to spend at work - especially since I've been planning to freelance more. That's another con: I probably won't have time to work on the projects I've been developing ideas for. I guess I'll just see what if feels like after the interview.
  • So although I haven't been planning to change jobs/direction this soon all these events have ignited a fire under my butt and I have begun to keep my eyes peeled for open positions. In fact I'm going to apply for a trainee position at a major international media company and see how that goes down. at the off chance that I should get that one, I'd have to move but I guess I'd do it without blinking an eye. Of course, family situations would have to be sorted out, I'm not too keen on living without finn and the bunnies... not at all. But hey, I haven't even applied yet. and as much as I want finn to find a really great job that she loves here in vienna I still hope that she might come with me if I'm going somewhere ;)
  • I'm going to hand in my thesis this afternoon (deja-vu!) so please, keep your fingers crossed for me. I then should have about 6 weeks to study for my final exam.
  • However, next week I'm not going to lift a finger bc as you may know finn and I are heading to Sweden for a week of relaxation, nature, quality-time and lots and lots of sleep. all of which I'm desperately in need of. in the meantime the bunnies will be taken care of well by finn's sister, so no bad feelings there.
There's still so much to do before we leave. Stuff to buy, hair to dye. But that comes tomorrow. Today I'm at work, then I'm handing in my thesis and then I'm drop by at my mum's whom I haven't seen I think in a month at least. She's gone a lot with work and taking care of my grandma and I seem to be working and studying pretty constantly. So I'm actually looking forward to having a chat with her.

Btw: Autumn is here. Me likes.


finn said...

seems like a slow day at work, considering the length of your post.

I actually just wanted to tell you to keep your chin up and smile...

...oh and yes a certain person at a certain company definitely found a link to my blog!

LG said...

Hang in there ... good luck with your thesis, good luck with your miserable co-worker.

And HAVE FUN in Sweden! I'm so j ... I wish I could take a holiday in Sweden. Or anywhere in Europe, for that matter. I've never been to that side of the Atlantic. Maybe one of these days.

Keep us updated with the job search!

Red Eyes said...