October 30, 2008

The Obama-Ad

OK, I finally got around to watching the Obama infomercial on YouTube and I have to say it is a genius campaign move. I loved how he got the proper mix of telling the moving stories of American citizens, making clear what his points are and frickin tear-jerking music (admittedly, my current hormonal and exhaustion status might have something to do with that). Seriously, if America doesn't vote for him now I'm gonna loose all confidence completely.

So please, Obama-voting-Americans, don't feel safe because the polls project a lead for Obama, go VOTE on Tuesday.

Why do I care so much? Because this affects us too. Because whether I particularly like it or not the U.S. is still kind of a hegemonial power. So what America becomes politically has an impact on Europe as well. I really love this guy... Obama may actually be the most amazing politician the U.S. has produced in a very long time.

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