October 31, 2008

Cry for help

OK, blogpeeps, I can admit it: I need your help.
I need ideas on how to get me through the next 3 to 4 days. I'm exhausted and I'm tired and I need a boost. I've already gone off the diet because I realised my body cherishes all the carbs it can get to turn them into energy. I'm also drowning myself in Red Bull light, although even the smell of it makes me want to throw it out. I'm drinking loads of fluids and I've started taking kalium phosphoricum tablets because when I was writing my thesis the pharmacist told me they would help me stay healthy during stress.

Is there anything that you can think of that could help me get through these 4 days, to stay energized and capable of studying please drop me a comment or email me via the contact form linked to in the sidebar. Everyone has had these kinds of times where they need to perform no matter what, so I'd appreciate your stories, hints and tricks.


Shazza said...

Walks out in the chilly air help keep me awake...as far as staying focused, well unless I can get into a groove it's very hard for me to stay focused. I kind of have to force myself by turning off anything that will distract me.


Rebecca said...

This is probably the least helpful thing to hear, but really, the thing that's most important for me is to get enough sleep. I perform better after a good night's sleep than I do after not enough sleep but extra studying.

Other than that, caffeine is the only thing I can think of. Or maybe taking some 10-20 minute breaks for yoga. I know that sounds lame, but some easy yoga helps energize me when I feel like I'm about to drop.