November 02, 2008

another psa brought to you by a relentless mcC

Tell me again that Starbucks is bad.

while they apparently trust you to tell them the truth about whether you voted it's still great that they're trying to encourage people to actually go and vote. it's a good ad methinks.

Oh, and because I will invariably annoy you with this for the next couple of days anyways:
I know the lines are long, I know you're probably gonna miss work and make less money that week (though that may actually open up the chance for you to finally get some decent health care like I do), I know you have better things to do - no wait actually you don't, you shouldn't. Because this election is really important. And no matter if people tell you that your ONE vote won't make a difference, it will. Many "one votes" will make a lot of votes and that will make all the difference. Make your voice count. Go vote on Tuesday! Please.

And while we're at it: Vote NO on Prop8, because this PSA shows you what fundamentally will happen.


LG said...

A relentless McC! I like it.

Re: Starbucks: I just saw that commercial for the first time last night, and I was impressed. I know some people don't like the machine that is Starbucks, but they're among the best when it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility. I like them for that and their pumpkin lattes.

Re: Prop 8: I'm sad to say that is how the rest of my family believes. I don't understand it, this creating "security" by taking away the rights of others. And like it insinuated at the end - what's next? Scary.

Rebecca said...

I heart Starbucks. Plus, there are two Starbucks girls who totally make my day every time I see them because they're just such lovely people.

I kind of hope the evangelicals get together and get some crazy Mormon stuff put on the ballot. Baptisms for the dead? Polygamous temple sealings? Temple secrecy? Yeah, let's put those up for a vote. I'd totally vote for Mormons to be able practice however they please because, unlike them, I believe in religious freedom and the separation of church and state, but I'd like them to get a taste of their own medicine.

And I got to vote no on prop 8! I am seriously excited about that (only slightly dampened by the fact that, of the 5 family members I have in CA, at least 3 of them are voting yes).