November 22, 2008

a stunning monochrome

There's a fucking snowstorm raging outside. Right now. This very moment. At the end of November. It's this year's first snow and definitely not the light kind that melts away after an hour - this is coming down bad and it's obiviously meant to linger. I'm glad we got our shopping done alread. No need to go outside. It's nice to be sitting on the couch together while the world is going grey and white outside, playing Sims 2, pushing aside and dietary or health concerns and eating comfort foods. The bunnies are sitting around kind of subdued - this is normal for them when it's grey outside. Then they're cute little sleepy bunnies.
There's a couple of perfect songs for this weather but one especially came to mind: Ani DiFranco - "Grey"

This is kind of a nice conclusion to this hectic week. I need some peace and quiet now. Especially since I was running around making errands all day yesterday. That included a haircut and having my eyebrows shaped (YAY! and ouch!) but also lots of stupid things like the wild goose chase my mobile phone provider sent me on. I had been trying to get my phone repaired for about 2 Weeks. I had to go to different stores and call the service line a couple of times because none of the stores had any rental phones left to give to me while they were sending in my Sony Ericsson. And no, they couldn't reserve one for me, because that would be unfair to other customers. WTF? Somehow it didn't strike them as ironic that a mobile phone provider whose stores are FILLED with phones didn't have any phones to lend to people while theirs were getting repaired.

After another angry call to the service line yesterday they suddenly did find themselves in a position to reserve a phone for me. So I had to go home from the studio (more on that later), grab my receipt and race halfways across town again to get the phone. And all that in the pouring rain and during rush hour when literally everyone is using public transport. No I have some kind of shitty LG model I can't find anything on but whatever - I just hope they'll have mine repaired soon so I can do the blogging, twittering and facebooking again from my mobile.

On the way back home I quickly hopped into a sex shop - which is THE sex shop on Vienna's shopping mile - where I have to explain to the lady who is working there what a dildo and a harness are. I try to inquire from her if they are carrying dildos for packing and playing which prompts her to ask: "Plug and play?" No, for that I'd be going to the electronics department but thank you very much NOT. In the end she offers me a blow-up man. I sigh, I think: "Okay. Let's keep this simple and basic". So I ask her where the dildo section is. Happy to finally know what to do she leeds me over to a wall with plenty of dicks - unfortunately they were not dildos but vibrators and completely useless for use in a harness. Gaaaaaah!

Needless to say, I gave up on educating her on the finer parts of girl-on-girl sex since I was apparently better suited to work there and help people than she was. Again, WTF? I did find a couple of nice and fairly innocent things on my own though which will go into the christmas calendar I'm making for Finn. I also went downstairs into the gay section, where between all the leather, S&M stuff and boy-on-boy tools I feel weirdly way more at home than upstairs with the clean and girly "mainstream" toys. I chatted a bit to the staff and one of them tried to help me find some nice lesbian porn - however I'm reluctant to pay 50 bucks for the one dvd that looks worthwhile while all the rest costs only half that.

However, not everything is about sex ;)
Remember the job interview I had on Wednesday? Back when they told me there were three or four candidates for the job and they'd take about a week to decide. Well, they called me barely 24 hours later, told me they really liked what they saw and asked me back for next Wednesday to meet the CEO. I don't want to jump to any conclusions here but I am stoked! This is looking really good :)

If I really get the job a lot of things are going to change though. I'm going to make less money than I do currently but since I have never done PR work before I'd feel weird earning a shitload of money while not having a clue as to what I'm doing. This way we're going to grow together - I'm going to learn the ropes and they already said they don't have a problem with change. So asking for a raise after some time and good work would probably be worth a try. Also, since Finn has a well-paying-job now I can afford the leisure to earn less for a while while I build up my freelance career. This way I'd have a fixed income that I can pay rent with etc. from the job, which is only 20 hours a week and I'd be able to invest another 20 hours in working freelance - which brings in a comparably big amount of money. So we should be generally all set in that department. I've already got a freelancing gig lined up and I'd be planning to contine freelancing for the paper I'm currently working for.However, I have no ideal how I'll break the news to my current boss if everything works out on Wednesday.

That guy has really given me a break last year when I desperately needed an internship and he let me stay on, so I'd have a hard time saying goodbye. But he also knows that I'm not happy with how things are at the moment, I haven't been for a while now so I'm hoping he'll understand. It's simply an uncomfortable thing to tell your employer you're leaving. I'd also have to do it fast because the new job would start december 1st. I'd still offer to come to the paper once a week or so for a transistion period. But I wouldn't be able to do this forever since I want to get started freelancing for others.

Also I'm getting more and more involved with Ether Magazine (I allow myself one un-paid work-thing at a time). I'm writing a couple of things for the next issue and yesterday I went to the radio studio to talk to my editor about filling in for her at the monthly radio show in the future when she's too busy with other Ether stuff. Even though I'm by far not a "radio person" I ended up agreeing. 1) because all I'd have to do is show up and talk and I can do that :) and 2) because it's definitely something that would look good on my CV. And third, I haven't done radio before and I like doing new things - especially at the moment it seems I tend to just take the leap and play it by ear. I went to a homeless shelter earlier this week because I was working on a story for the paper and now I'm considering doing something social in the near future, like helping out in a soup kitchen or something. I'm going to have to let that wait for a while though - can't work everything out at once. I like to forget that and then I go crash under the weight.

I think this just became my single longest post in all my blogging history. But it was a long week.
By now it has stopped snowing but the tree by our window is still lightly coated in puffs of white. It's very beautiful... I like.


Maria said...

Ugh. I detest snow. I never sit quietly and enjoy the beauty. Not me. No sirree bob. I sit there fuming and feeling claustrophobic. So, why the hell do I live on the prairie?

And I admire you for just walking into a sex shop. I have NEVER been in one. Plus, I am not very adventurous about sex toys. Bing bought one once and I started laughing when she plugged it in and it sounded like an electric mixer....

That is fantastic about your new job. You know I can relate...

LG said...

Awesome update. I like the longest post ever!

Sex shops are so funny. They're either awesome, or they suck. I used to go to Hustler in Cincinnati, and they were GREAT to work with - knowledgeable and also funny! I have yet to visit one here in SLC.

Good luck with the CEO meeting! You'll be great. And they wouldn't have asked you back if they didn't like you, right?