November 19, 2008

Why I could never be the president of the United States

Besides all the other, more obvious reasons: I don't think i could survive in a technology dominated world without my own peripherals. Which is exactly what Obama will have to do once he moves into the WH (I'd link to the ny times article which told me this, but I'm blogging from my cell right now). He'll probably have to hand in his blackberry, and the placement of a laptop in the oval office is still up for discussion apparently. Putting security issues aside for a moment this strikes me as fairly odd. Wouldn't you want the leader of the most powerful nation in the world to be able to get his own news? Unmeddled? Hell, if he wants to he should be allowed to get his info from citizen journalists as well, who are not in the hands of major conglomerates! I have learned of the most amazing things via the internet, via email or twitter. Even a lot of pro media outlets are online only these days. Shouldn't the one person wielding such enormous power have the same right as me?

Even with all the ppl responsible for keeping the potus informed, handing him cell phones, i'd still feel cut off from the world.

I wanted to blog this yesterday, but didn't get around to doing it. The article I'm referring to is in yesterday's ny times.

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Maria said...

I imagine he can get any news, anything he wants, just not in the same way that he was accustomed to doing so...