April 18, 2007

happiness in a jar

aaah... it's just one of those days. one of those perfect little melancholy-happy days. when I'm doing nothing really and everything that's work and a must is even much more of a drag the usually. the things that make me so happy and completely overshadow the hard facts*?

1. when i got up finn handed me a package from amazon. aren't those the happiest days for you too? amazon-delivery days?

2. the package contained not only this:

but also this:

and you see, these are things that make me very happy. I can't WAIT to have enough money to organise some proper feasts. for today it's asparagus that finn bought in lower austria yesterday.

3. the weather outside is amazing! it was raining in the morning and unfortunately it has stopped by now, however the world still has this cool, dampened sound about it. it practically emanates melancholy.

4. I'm having this wonderful scent of lush products on my skin since i climbed out of the shower.

5. I've been listening to girlyman and paper moon all day now. spring music, kinda.

* the hard facts: i had to do the dishes in the bathroom sink again, i'm not working on my reportage, i didn't go to the gym and am hence growing a tummy and a guilty conscience. PLUS (and this is one that i can't get around) i have to make some phonecalls. but after that i'm gonna go back to ignoring the world and being creative and yadda yadda yadda :)

do tell, what makes YOU happy?

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Laura said...

I'm jealous that you got a package in the mail. I love getting books, music, gadgets, or basically anything, honestly. I work so hard that when I get something that allows me to enjoy my passions it makes me very happy.