April 23, 2007


i'm so tired i feel like someone has attempted to run me over with a truck. come to think of it i also LOOK like i've been run over with a truck. or a beetle or a mini at least...
not that i drank a lot of alcohol, a beer and one g&t can't exactly be considered binge drinking, i also only smoked one cigarillo. but i certainly did not get enough sleep.

it was really nice thougth reviving my singledom all-nighters WITH the gf. good to know we can have such fun together as well, going to a party, meeting some really nice people... it really felt good not being that old married couple for once but still leaving the party together.

unfortunately not being used to excessive partying anymore also means not being able to do anything the following day. we didn't get around to doing the laundry or changing the bedsheets or making bread, let alone get some work done. i wasn't even able to cook properly so i just made some pasta that tasted pretty lame. lesson learned: don't let me cook when i'm not in the mood for it. also all we did was play some online puzzle games. what. a. day.

and I'm still tired, so I'd better get something done. I still have a reportage to hand in on friday and nothing written yet. 30,000 characters. which brings me back to: uch


Anonymous said...

interesting blog. but it seems that i'm the only reader. can that be?

mcCutcheon said...

hm.. I've been asking this question myself. maybe everyone is just a little quiet. oh, and the statistics DO show a couple of readers :)