April 17, 2007

welcome to crazy week

My mother's birthday yesterday? well... I have no idea how I ended up being a person that is not massively intolerant towards anything she doesn't know, because my mum IS that kind of person. (actually sometimes I wonder how I ended up being a PERSON) only classical music is relevant and everything else is "crap" (though she has not once listened to any of that "crap"), comic books are not literature (though the closest to a comic book she has ever been was buying my mickey mouse issues when I was like 10 years old) - excuse me dc, marvel, etc? like it in the dark ages?
she screams at you (well maybe not scream but she just talks loudly at a very uncomfortable pitch) if you dare to interrupt her, yet she recklessly disrupts YOUR conversation barely 10 minutes later. finn said, the only reason why she held back and didn't speak her mind about all this was cuz it was my mum's birthday. my gf is annoyed by my mother - and I completely understand. funny how my mum goes nuts while my dad becomes a calmer person every day. I even get along with him most of the time these days, he's basically awesome a lot of the time now... weird.

I have an interview to conduct today (and on thursday). and I'm really not good with interviews for print. I fare much better if there's a camera between me and that other person. geeky? maybe. anyways, we got lucky, cuz our teacher pushed the deadline - so now I have 4 days more to finish my reportage. that still means I have to do it though...

but there's - wait for it - more crazyness:
after starting a cookblog on the weekend I for now can't cook anything fancy because our syphon in the kitchen is leaking and doing the dishes is a hassle right now. so we'll be having spaghetti out of the bowl today I think.
Also my stupid dentist put four more nubs on my teeth (ouch!) and additionally to my invisalign braces I now have to wear rubber bands between my teeth. sucks majorly. as if braces at the age of 23 weren't already bad enough.

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