May 14, 2007

weekend recap

my laptop's dvd drive is kaputt. actually it has been for a while now, but I have been delaying handing it back to acer for repair cuz they will take it away from me for probably two weeks :( and also, I hate making backups, especially if I can't just burn the dvd obviously but have to transfer everything to my ipod, then via ipod to my girlfriend's computer and then burn it from there. it just sucks. But as we're leaving for hamburg on friday, I'll get my laptop to acer tomorrow because that way there gonna be a couple of days when I won't even miss it, as I plan to be spending three lovely, computer-free days with my sweetheart eating rumballs at lange reihe and live off young herring sandwiches the rest of the time. well, I guess I won't, but I just LOVE me some of these northern german/dutch(?) matjes sandwiches. finn thinks they're gross :)

also my time has been taken up by playing the x-men legends 2 computer game these last couple of days. I suck at gaming but it's fun nonetheless and also finn's already a chapter ahead of me... yeah, we're part-time geeks.

yesterday was mother's day here, and as my mum wasn't in vienna on the weekend I got out of the pseudo-theatrical celebrations of one of the flower-industry days. we went to visit finn's parents - her mum doesn't make a big deal out of mothers day - with grandparents, barbecue and everything (we looked like balloons after all that food). afterwards we went to the shout out louds concert which left me pretty unimpressed... geeeeeez, was I bored!

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