June 28, 2007

f*** that!

I thought I was completely done with this semester, basically with all of school save my thesis and the graduand tutorial. turns out I still have to hand in a report for the studio I had this semester. 7,000 characters. by end of june which is, like, tomorrow. shoot me!


finn said...

oh fuck, I wouldn't have sent you return my book, had I known that...sorry. need anything? help?

LG said...

Oh, McC! I'll plan on not hearing from you any time soon ... lol.

mcCutcheon said...

@honey: I just found out, so you couldn't have known when you asked me to return that book. so it's ok.

@LG: the journalist in you should know that 7,000 characters can be easily whipped up in about 2 hours :p and it's not like I'm taking this assignment seriously anyway ;)