June 03, 2007

I bawled my eyes out - again

I finished reading his dark materials two nights ago and I am STILL sad about the ending. usually a book might make me shed a couple of tears because the words get to me. yes, beautiful writing can make me cry. or i might sob a little because someone dies. in the amber spyglass no one dies (in the end i mean, people do die in between and all) but the conclusion resonated with me so much I couldn't stop sobbing. I felt so ridiculous lying in bed and bawling my eyes out but I couldn't stop for quite awhile. the cynic in me seemed to have gotten overpowered by that story. I did stop eventually though. but while a book is usually closed for me when I close it (yeah, not much of a thinker I am ;) it resurfaced throughout yesterday. his dark materials is such a great trilogy I can only recommend reading it whatever age your are (although you might only really get it once you're 12 or 13 years old I guess - or a really precocious child. and I think every person should read it, for all the wisdom it offers about love, good and evil and also the church and its ways throughout history (inquisition and all). I vote for original sin. Eve rocks. ;)

Philipp Pullman, I love you. You're a genius.

ok,end of gushing now... *runs off to buy lyra's oxford*

I really wonder about how they were making this into a movie though. it's far too complex and in this case just leaving stuff out isn't as easy as it was with lord of the rings or harry potter. most of the stuff that pullman put in there you just really need.

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