June 05, 2007

I hope this post commits me to actually work on it

I just created a folder on my computer titled "Thesis". and I have a book about lobbying for ngo in front of me. I've officially started research, it's officially getting freaky now.


L. said...

I have three documents ("links for thesis" "chapter 4" and "literature") in my "thesis" folder already. Tripple-freaky!
I hope to be done with my master-thesis until fall. When do you plan to finish yours? Good luck anyway!

mcCutcheon said...

oh if I could only plan that... *sigh* I HAVE TO hand it in next april or I won't be able to finish with my class in June 08. And by now I really want school to be over for some time. so I'll be done approx. a year later than you, only I'm not doing my master but something called magister. more than a bachelor, less than a master. how many pages do you have to write for your master thesis? and what are you writing about? gosh, finally I can get a hold of someone who's studying journalism as well. (right?)

LG said...

Ahh, the days of my journalism undergrad. The memories are flooding back now! I did my undergrad in journalism/public affairs.