June 25, 2007

you ain't nothing but a ... tibetian dog

seriously? what dog wants to go for a walk at half past 7 in the morning? SERIOUSLY!!
obviously my gf's family's dog, which I am currently sitting does. Finn had to get to work so doggie dog came to me for walking assistance. gf was smart enough not to talk to me but just set down a cup of tea in front of me when I got back from the crisp morning air. I'm fucking tired now and not a person who can sleep during the day. booohooooo... today might suck but I'll try to make ice cream later today. pecan-caramel-ice cream that is.


LG said...

That ice cream sounds fucking awesome.

mcCutcheon said...

it was indeed very yummy :) apparently I can make ice cream, with a recipe of course. but I can make ice cream. yummy ice cream :D