July 28, 2007

the couch has left the building

I have just lost my couch of 15 years. Some people that found it on ebay came to get it just now. they seemed like nice people though and they gave us money for it. now we can buy a new couch, which I'm sure I'll be looking forward too soon again, but right now I'm mourning for my old couch.
We shared a lot of memories, you know, most of them x-rated anyways, but some of them were pretty normal standard memories. Like the tiny brown specks over one of its sides came from when someone burst out laughing while drinking red wine at what I think was my 17th birthday party... I curled up on that couch every time I had to bawl my eyes out because I was upset. It was my couch, my bed, sometimes I basically lived on it, with tv and food in reach. It has seen the worst and the best of me. I really loved this couch. I always will. sigh...

All this of course would be half as tragic if my hormones weren't all over the place today. Up to now I almost started crying when finn brought me flowers or when she hugged me too tight this morning. PMS officially sucks.

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