July 24, 2007

sworn enemies

there are two things that I don't get: dermatologists and umbrellas

1) I've never heard about or met a sane dermatologist. They seem to be set on making incisions, cut away all your skin if necessary just to get a tiny mole. And most of all they seem to be completely oblivious of causes. To them there's only symptoms and that's what they fight, they'd rather thrust a recipe into your palm than try to find the cause of your malady. (That's why I love TCM. Get's to the core.)

2) Umbrellas are just plain dangerous. Finn and I independently almost got stabbed at least three times today.

If you're a dermatologist reading this, don't be offended, you might just be the only exception to the rule. If you are: I need a good dermatologist. If you're indeed an umbrella reading this you might actually have a whole bunch of other problems other than the fact that you're reading this. Get a job for instance, one where you're not poking innocent people in the head...


LG said...

I've been to dermatologists, and I have a major umbrella company as a client. However, I'm in no way offended by this post.

Both things seem dead set on poking and prodding.

tranzitory said...

hahaha! i do love your blog. i get a great laugh every time.