August 27, 2007

countdown to my own private armageddon

I just had to take this

OK, mine looked different. I actually had to drink a bottle of that stuff. tastes pretty sweet but at the end of the bottle I already resented the sweetness. yuck. now I'm basically waiting for it to start. make room! the toilet is mine!

sorry for those who are oh so easily disgusted by all things human. I really have to take this with humour. for my own sanity's sake.

speaking of humour: how grand is it that the supplement on the picture is called "evacuant kit"? what the fuck? "We're evacuating the bowel! Women and children first!" ???


ritu said...

i did warn you..
although I don't want to scare you but the real thing will begin once the toilet rounds start.. hope you are a fast runner

mcCutcheon said...

hasn't started yet. I'm still safe.

ritu said...

best of luck.. you will need it
i know i am mean

LG said...

i would totally send the women and children first. just saying. it's only fair.