November 11, 2007

chronic, that means always and forever

Chronic \Chron"ic\, a. [L. chronicus, Gr. ? concerning time,
from ? time: cf. F. chronique.]
2. Continuing for a long time; lingering; habitual.
(Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary)

Up to now I thought the term colon irritabile on my diagnostic report referred to the fact that right now, and only right now, my bowel was irritated. After a recent flare up I decided to look into the term and uncovered that it means I have a chronically irritated bowel, otherwise know as IBS (Irritated Bowel Syndrom) - a chronic disease. Yay. I'm so thrilled about this. Can you tell the sarcasm?

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LG said...

I can tell the sarcasm. I would be sarcastic, too.