November 26, 2007

when good things almost make you cry

When my mum wrote me an email last week that finn and I had a chance to get a free holiday, I almost cried. It turned out that I have an insurance that provides me with a voucher every two years. Fortunately I can use the voucher in a couple of spa hotels around Austria. For instance I can get 4 nights for one person or 2 nights for 2 - for free. So today I booked a two night-holiday for finn and me at a spa hotel in one of Austria's nicest provinces for end of december. For free. Massage included. I think I'm going to almost cry again.


Shazza said...

Wow!!! I'm crying just reading about it! Freakin' jealous is the reason I'm crying!!!

Have FUN!!!

LG said...

That is AWESOME. I wish my insurance would do something like that. In fact, I think people would be healthier if their insurances would do things like that.

I hope you and Finn fucking rock that holiday.

Thomas J. Brown said...

That is pretty awesome! Wouldn't I love something like that.

I hope you and Finn fuck that holiday. A lot.