December 27, 2007

swooosh swooosh

I'm at work. They were so glad to have help on a day between the holidays that my boss promised to get me a phone. If it works out I'll actually get my very own extension and my co-workers won't have to share their phones with me anymore. And I won't have to wait until someone doesn't need it anymore. Oh well...

Unfortunately today a phone isn't much help anyways. Just try to reach people on December 27th. Somehow even press officers have better things to do today. Only us poor journalists sitting here. All the while I'd rather be at home playing LEGO Star Wars, which I bought today, on the wii.

swooosh swooosh. hehe.


ritu said...

yes it must be quiet out there.. it seems suddenly all the journalists are out on the field with murder of Benazir Bhutto, in our part of the world.
by the way wht is this Wii? my 8 year old niece requested for it as her new year present. I said yes, without even having the vaguest clue what the f.. it is. but now I see young adults using it.. I am not sure if I understood it correctly

mcCutcheon said...

I'm not exactly sure finn and I qualify as young ADULTS ;) but we definitely like to play videogames. The Wii is a console (like Playstation or XBox or Gamecube) on which you can play video games. That's basically it, except that the Wii is the only console that works with sensors that measure the players movement in the room and the moves he or she performs with the remote control (nicknamed wiimote) and the nunchuk (a further joystick-like remote connected to the wiimote).

hope I could help :)

ritu said...

ahhh ok so basically like nintendo.
Sorry I do not understand these things even though geek-o- meter says I am 70 plus percent geek.
yes thank you that was a help just ordered one for my niece now
:o) :o)

Shazza said...

Not to change the subject - but I am curious to how the Bhutto assination is looked at over in Eurpoe and in Asia. The US seems to have a glossy coated look on the whole deal, but to me it scares me a bit.

ritu said...

it is horrible .. We are scared . if the nuclear falls in wrong hands now New Delhi will be the next target ( of course provided it is not washington or London for that matter)
At least India is watching very closely what will happen now.