January 02, 2008

15 minutes of bad mood

When days start bad they usually stay bad. I was woken by an immensly grumpy finn this morning and while I don't have a problem with people being grumpy (everyone has a right to) I do mind being snapped at first thing in the morning. Don't bother coming to me just to grumble at me for 15 minutes. Won't make me happy and sure won't make you any happier either.

Then she forgot to redirect the phones at her office. Inevitably when I called to ask if she had fed the bunnies I didn't reach her but got a call-back by her boss who doesn't react very nicely when I have to tell him I was trying to reach his employee. I don't much enjoy talking to him, much less when I've had a bad morning already.

So, of course, I was late for work on the first workday of the year. yay for me! and what am I greeted with? good morning? no. try "Yeah, you're going to do this story". Me: huh? what story?
turns out I have to get up early tomorrow and leave home at 7:30. urgh. fortunately my mum will lend me her car, that way the journey will only take half an hour instead of one whole hour.

I'm tired and I had to rant. grmpf. Off to work.


Shazza said...

Did it get any better?

mcCutcheon said...

in the evening a friend of mine who's not living in vienna anymore surprise visited me, so yeah, my day did get better.

as for finn: just let her play with the wii and everything's fine again ;)