January 24, 2008

leave of absence

I have eight (8!) weeks to complete write my thesis. My thesis advisor told me today that it is very very very likely I won't make it til then but end up having to take another semester. However, I decided I'm going to try anyway. If I still don't make it then at least I will have most of it done by April and an easier time afterwards.

I can not stop working completely, but I will talk to my boss about at least working less. Other than that I will stop watching tv-shows and playing games unless I'm at a point where I really can't think anymore at all. I will work on it evening and nights and mornings and days when I'm not at work. Finn offered to transcribe the interviews, so that should help too.

I will make it through, and I'll finish that damn thing on time.
I most probably will also blog less and read less on other people's blogs. Basically my internet doings costs me about 1,5 hours a day - that's ridiculous!


finn said...

Finn also offers to cook, clean, pet the bunnies for you, saw, dust, shop, get books from and to the library and generally be a good partner in arms in this fight against the clock.
This offer starts on Feb 2nd though, because I got some things to attend to first...
Pvt. Finn ready for action.

mcCutcheon said...

honey, that was so sweet it almost made me cry. note to self: don't cry in office ;)

just... don't dust the bunnies, ok? and I'm not exactly sure what you want to saw, so that worries me a bit.

finn said...

I kind of had my usual problem finding the word I want to use and instead use another word that has absolutely nothing to do with the word I wanted to use originally...i don't know what there is to saw either, but of course if there were some sawing to be done, I would. and what I actually meant was vacuum or wash the dishes...I don't remember (and that's where encounter another problem...I don't remember stuff).
oh, and maybe crying in your office will help get you some days off...

Shazza said...

Good luck and may the force be with you McC!

Glad Pvt. Finn is on the job and ready for action! I need one of those - are you available for hire Finn?


finn said...

well, obviously I'm employed right now and until McC has written her thesis but after that...we could talk...what do you offer? :)

Laura Valerie said...

Good luck! I know people like you work best with their back against the wall (Note: back against wall = no attacks from behind) so I guess you'll make it with your last-minute-thesis.
Full solidarity to you.