January 28, 2008

weird names pt. 1

I've come across some (to the sleep-deprived mind) very funny names during my thesis reading so far. I've decided to (maybe) compile them here, so you too may be enlightened and invigorated by them. Peruse at utmost possible tiredest and/or inebriated moment and then at own risk*:

Marcelline (first name)

* at no point are these mentions meant to be derogatory or insensitive to certain cultures or countries. I'd probably find my own name extremely funny at the moment if I didn't know it so well already. Possibly some are more or less funny depending on what language you speak I guess.

1 comment:

Shazza said...

Zerfass and Schlozmann sound like body parts!

ugly body parts

Keep up the good work McC