March 14, 2008

buh gluh hurble gnuh

my brain is fried. the horrible thesis is almost done. There's still one chapter missing, but that's not what's bothering me. What's really bothering me are all the tiny little holes in it, I'm pretty sure it reads like swiss cheese. (Although I'm almost sure cheese is non-readable even for spies looking for hidden messages.) So I'm gonna have to fill all those holes and write the missing chapter - a lot of reading up awaits me again. Unfortunately I don't feel in a position where I can actually read the shit I wrote. I usually already have problems re-reading my own articles and they're a maximum of three pages long. And here we're talking 80 pages of my own rubbish! oh yeah, and I have about a week left til the deadline. har har har. gaaaaah! buh gluh hurble gnuh....

I think I should take this evening off anyways.

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