March 12, 2008

... in un mare bellissimo

do you know that feeling that arises when you hear a song you haven't listened to in ages? One, that's still a favourite of yours - but you just haven't been in the mood for it in a very long time?

I recently put the Gianna Nannini album Perle back on my computer to listen to it via iTunes. Just now sometimes-friend-sometimes-foe iTunes played me Notti Senza Cuore from that album, which filled me up with this all-encompassing glee and dragged by right back to one of those magical summer moments when I saw Gianna Nannini in concert in the middle of an exhausting yet exhilarating night under the moon.

I'm gonna go look into my archive and look for that post, because I'm 99% sure I blogged about it.

edit: I was right, I did blog about it. It was actually in my very first month of blogging. How is it possible that I remember what I blogged almost four years ago (gosh, my blog is old) but I can't for the life of me remember the things I read a couple of days ago and have to think hard to remember what I ate yesterday?
Here are the lyrics to the Gianna Nannini song, also from back then.

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