March 10, 2008

my first manic monday meme

I usually don't do the Manic Monday (mostly because Monday's usually already over, here on the continent, by the time that LG posts her meme-answers) but this one looked good to me:

What's your favorite thing to spend money on?
I too am going to stick to the top three: electronic gadgets, books, kitchen/cooking stuff

If you could retire tomorrow what would you do?
Become a filmmaker/editor.

Should anything be censored and if so, what and why?
I'm a journalist. Censorship is my enemy by nature. I believe in free press, I believe in the power of the public voice. I do however think that the public glorification of National Socialism, the Holocaust, slavery, racism, etc (which unfortunately does fall under free press) should be denounced publicly. I sometimes think, that if we completely censor those voices that will only make them stronger underground.

For the so-called freedom of the press I'd like to quote Ani DiFranco (again):
"...the freedom of the press is meaningless if nobody asks the question".


LG said...

I'm so glad you did Manic Monday! Fleur (the woman who hosts it) usually posts her questions on Sunday night, so you can still do them on Mondays. Don't wait for me, I'm a slacker. I have a feed for it so I know when the questions go up. I'm so glad you played!

reasonably prudent poet said...

yeah, what a conundrum about racism, the holocaust, etc. as an american, my inclination is to absolutely SHUT UP the neo-nazis and white supremacists among us, but i understand why that doesn't work and can't be implemented. i was really surprised, however, to learn that in some european countries you can be jailed just for *believing* that the holocaust was ok. or for denying it happened. or something. but my shock was that you could be jailed for a *belief* and not an action associated with a belief. or am i completely misremembering that information? anyway, i was surprised. and now i forgot my point... sorry...