March 10, 2008

shed that shroud

as you might know by now my thesis work is attemptedly (duh, just let me use that word this once, ok?) eased by iTunes in shuffle mode which in turn brings you, dear faithful reader* the "joy" of reading my musical musings. Shroud is one of my favourite Ani DiFranco songs ever:

"I had to leave the house of conformity / In order to make art
I had to be more or less true / To learn to tell the two apart"

I had to leave the house of self-importance / To doodle my first tattoo
to realize a tattoo is no more permanent / Than I am..."

and for all of you women:
"I had to leave the house of fashion / go forth naked from its doors
'cause women should be allies / and not competitors"

p.s. finn's laptop is broken so she asked me to p.s.-blog that she is sad because she can't blog because her laptop is broken. I have hereby done my girlfriendly duty.

* who will probably stop reading this blog if the thesis-posts don't stop and the more interesting blogpost return. Just bear with me a little, only a couple more weeks left. (And what I mean by "a couple" is only two very short, fleeting weeks.) Then I plan to get all lyrical and literal and thoughtful and fun again. I'm definitely planning to finally do that "I am from"-post some time soon.

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LG said...

Boooooooo @ Finn's laptop. Hope it is feeling well soon so she can be blogtastic again soon.