March 05, 2008

- plop plop -

my ears keep popping and it is driving me nuts. and because my ears being weird is usually the sign for a cold sneaking up on me* I already popped masses of echinacea, kalium phosphoricum and ascorbic acid. I took an aspirin last night and I'm going to buy lots of fruit today after my interview (which - by the way - is my last interview, so "all" I will have left to do is the writing part). NOW is NOT the time to get sick. NOW's the time to stay healthy for just another three weeks. after that: come what may, I plan to be either drinking or sleeping for three consecutive days anyways. on second thought, the bore I am I'll probably just start going to work again without taking a couple of days off ;)

thesis writing soundtrack: carrie underwood, kelly clarkson, dixie chicks, rachael yamagata (weird combo, eh?)

*speaking of cold: it kinda snowed about an hour ago... WTF? it's been spring these last days and suddenly there's snow? exactly on that one day that I'm leaving the house again for once? duh.

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